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Conference Volunteer

Akiko.jpgAkiko Shimoda(下田晃子)

My name is Akiko Shimoda. I belong to the Department of English Communications in the School of Humanities Tokyo Kasei University. It is my great pleasure that I could take part in this conference as a volunteer. I want to be a world tour conductor who can speak many languages fluently in the future. I will take advantage of this opportunity and I'm looking forward to meet and communicate with many people.


Conference Volunteer

Arisa.jpgArisa Komine小峰有紗)

Hello. My name is Arisa Komine. I'm a first-year student in the school of humanities Department of English Communications at Tokyo Kasei University.
I am very pleased to join this conference.
I want to improve in my speaking of English, because I am working as a tutor for junior high students at cram school.
I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn many things in this chance.
Thank you very much for reading.


Conference Volunteer

Ayaka.jpgAyaka Otsu(大津綾香)

My name is Ayaka Otsu. I belong to the Department of English Communications, the School of Humanities, of Tokyo Kasei University. I'm delighted to join this conference as a volunteer.
I would like to improve my English and communication with many people through this opportunity.


Conference Volunteer
eri.JPGEri Fukuda(福田衣里)

I am appreciative of the opportunity to be involved in the conference as a volunteer.

My name is Eri Fukuda. I am currently studying language education in the MA TESOL program at Soka University.

Before entering Soka University, I had worked for a cram school for one year, and this teaching experience was a good chance to learn about the challenge and excitement of teaching and the present situation of English education in Japan.

I attended Kaetsu Girls’ High School where I dedicated myself to studying English for Eiken test. Then I entered Waseda University, the School of International Liberal Studies. In this program, the courses are taught in English, and this encounter with academic English is the starting point of my interest in academic writing. While at Waseda, I studied abroad at University of Alberta for about a year. Thanks to the excellent instructors at U of A, my interest in writing was further developed, leading to my pursuing master’s in language education in the current program. This graduate program has been a great inspiration for me as I have been impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the instructors who are the true role models as an educator. In the future, I hope to be an writing teacher to introduce students a new way of learning and exploring themselves.








Conference Volunteer

Hitomi.jpgHitomi Suzuki(鈴木仁美)

My name is Hitomi Suzuki. I belong to the Department of English Communications in the School of Humanities at Tokyo Kasei University.

I'm glad to participate in this conference as a volunteer. I'd like to broaden my outlook through this opportunity.


Conference Volunteer

DSCN6374.JPGJoyce Fam Hui Yi

I am a Malaysian. I used to be the Head Prefect in my high school. Often represent my high school in speech contest and debate match. I learned piano since primary 5, passed my grade 1 to 8 fund by The Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music and passed my DipLCM fund by The London College of Music Media at Thames Valley University, while I was 17. As a Malaysian I used to speak 4 languages, Chinese, English Malay and Cantonese. Besides, I am an International student in Japan, therefore I speak Japanese too.

I have been study in Japan for 3 years. As a freshman in Senshu University this year (2010), major in International Economics. Interested to become NGO volunteers, helping those in low-income countries, but still looking ways and time to become one.


我的名字是范惠怡,马来西亚华侨。高中时曾担任学长团的团长。经常代表学校参加演讲及辩论比赛。从小学 5 年级开始学钢琴,于 17 岁时考得英国钢琴协会的学士文凭。身为马来西亚华侨,我能够说 4 种语言,中文,英语,马来语及广东语。由于目前在日本留学,所以现在也学会了日语。

已在日本留学 3 年,今年( 2010 )考进了日本的专修大学,主修国际经济。想成为 NGO 的义工帮助发展中国家的人民,但仍在找寻途径及时间。

Conference Volunteer

DSC01345.JPGKaori Matsumoto (松本 香織)

It is my great pleasure that I could participate for this conference as a volunteer. My name is Kaori Matsumoto. I am studying English education in the MA TESOL program at Soka University.

I had a chance to participate the summer short program of Soka University of America when I was an undergraduate student. In this program, I saw teachers who were teaching English with enthusiasm, and had a very exciting time to learn another language and culture. After coming back to Japan, I had worked for an English conversation school, and had found great interest of teaching English.

My dream is to be an English teacher who make a class enjoyable and contribute to English education in Japan.
To become a good teacher, I would like to learn as much as possible in this program and develop English teaching skills.

I am looking forward to see many people who are interested in language education in this conference.

私は現在創価大学修士 のの TESOLコースで英語教育を学んでいる松本香織と申します。

そこでは教員たちが熱意を持って授業を展開しており、私は他国 の言語 や文化 をとても 楽しんで学ぶことが出来ました。



Conference Volunteer

Kaz.JPGKazuhiro Iguchi (井口和弘)

It is my great pleasure to be volunteering for this upcoming conference. My name is Kazuhiro Iguchi. Although I am of Japanese descent, I have lived most of my life in Canada, Toronto. Growing up in a country as diverse as Canada, I was able to discover myself not through nationality, but as an individual of the same global community

I graduated from Toronto Waldorf High-School, which is founded upon unique principles of German educational philosopher Rudolf Steiner. After graduating from High School I entered Soka University Intense Japanese Language Program Bekka Course. I am currently an undergraduate student in Soka Universiy of Japan, majoring in Education. Soka University also is founded upon unique educational principles of Dr. Daiaku Ikeda.

Being able to study in such a unique educational background, I have found great interest in comparative education and educational methodology, especially focusing on educational principles of Steiner and Soka Education. I am also working part time as an interpreter, translator and teacher assistant. As a global citizen, I hope to deepen and further my studies and become the bridge of Canada and Japan to be able to contribute to the greater world.




Conference Volunteer

canadian 3.JPGKeiko Muramatsu (村松桂子)

It is my great pleasure to be volunteering for this upcoming conference. My name is Keiko Muramatsu. Currently, I am studying in the Master’s Program in International Language Education: TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Soka University of Japan. 
I was born in Shizuoka, and moved to Tokyo to enter Soka high school. There I met a wonderful English teacher who inspired me to study English harder and encouraged me to become an English teacher. When I was a junior student at Soka University, I studied in Australia as an exchange student for one year. Through this experience I realized that I still needed to gain further knowledge and practical skills to be a capable English teacher. That is why I decided to pursue intensive study of English teaching.
My future goal is to contribute to the improvement of English education in Japanese secondary schools. I’m very pleased to have this great opportunity to learn about English education and hope that I can be a good help as a volunteer worker for this conference.

この度のカナダ教育学会のボランティアとして参加させていただけることを大変嬉しく思っております。現在、創価大学大学院 国際言語教育専攻 英語教育専修の修士課程で学んでいます、村松桂子です。

Conference Volunteer

IMG_3672_2_2.jpgKeisuke Nagura (名倉啓介)

Hello. My name is Keisuke Nagura. And I’m in third grade in a university in Japan now. I have been to Vancouver, Canada, to study English for about 11 months so I love Canada and English. And I came back to Japan this April. I entered a language school in the town and I learned many things. Off course I learned English, but not just English. I also tried to get a license for teaching English to Japanese children who are under 13 in English, learned how to teach English to children in English that is called “TESL for young learners” and how to prepare presentations and present in English, etc.

By the way, I’m so glad that Anthony who I met as my teacher in the university gave me a chance to become a volunteer this time.

こんにちは。日本の大学で3年生をしている学生の名倉啓介です。 自分は、昨年カナダのバンクーバーに11ヶ月間留学をしていました。そこでは、語学学校に通い、ただ単に英語を勉強するだけではなく、英語でのプレゼンテーションの仕方や、”J-Shine”という日本で中学生未満の子供たちに英語で英語を教えるための資格の勉強や”TESL for young learners”という子供たちに英語でどのように英語を教えるかという教授法の勉強などなど、沢山の事を学んできました。


Conference Volunteer

newage_rukus20100506.jpgKenji Okutsu (Conference Yoga Guru)

2008年ワットポー・トラディショナル・メディカルスクール アドバンスド・メディカルマッサージセラピー修了。
ゼネラル タイマッサージ修了。
2010年(財)日本水泳連盟公認 基礎水泳指導員

Kenji Okutsu's Blog


Conference Volunteer

2007_0527grad0227.JPGLisa McMillan

My name is Lisa McMillan and I am from Austin, Texas in the United States. I graduated from Soka University of America with a liberal arts degree in the humanities concentration. After graduating, I moved to Tokyo to teach at an international kindergarten for two years. That was my first experience as a teacher and it was priceless. Watching the children progress so rapidly and joyfully encouraged me everyday and proved to me once again that the goal of education should be for the happiness of the child. I decided that if I really want to contribute to the betterment of education and the happiness of children around the world, I need to develop my skills as an educator and gain more of a knowledge base. So, I am now a graduate student at Soka University in Tokyo, Japan. I am studying in the International Language Education program for English education.

My dream is to someday open up my own Soka kindergarten somewhere in the world, but for now, I would like to learn as much as possible and hopefully work in Soka middle school here in Tokyo after I graduate. I am extremely interested in English education in Japan and what we can do as educators to make it a more enjoyable and fulfilling process for the students. That's why I am so excited to be able to participate as a volunteer for this conference. I hope I can learn a lot and meet many new interesting people. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Conference Volunteer

photo.jpgMaho Sano (佐野真歩)

Hello, I am Maho Sano. I graduated from a high school in my hometown, and came to Tokyo three years ago to study at Soka University. I major in English, but I also feel great interest in education and take some education classes . In the university, I am working as a tutor of an institution for language learning. In the job, I sit together with students and give advice on their English writing. This is a very nice opportunity for me to engage in education. Although I am going to work for a company after my graduation to see a wider world and work together with many people with different backgrounds, I do hope that I can come back to my university as an educator someday. I am very pleased to have this wonderful chance to learn about education, and I hope that I can be a good help as a volunteer worker for the conference.

こんにちは、佐野真歩と申します。地元の高校を卒業し、創価大学で学ぶため 3 年前に東京に来ました。専攻は英語ですが、教育にも大変関心があり、教育に関する授業もいくつか履修し学んでいます。大学では語学学習のための施設のチューターとして働いており、学生と一緒に座って彼らの英語ライティングへのアドバイスを行っています。これは教育に携わる大変よい機会であります。卒業後は、より広い世界をみるため、そしてさまざまなバックグラウンドを持つ人々と共に働くため企業就職するつもりですが、いつか教育者として母校に戻って来たいと願っています。今回は、教育について学べるこのすばらしい機会をつかむことができ大変嬉しく思っております。そしてこの会議のボランティアの一員として役に立てればと思っています。

Conference Volunteer

photo.bmpMidori Tsunashima(綱島翠)

Midori Tsunashima is a third year university English major at Kanagawa University. Midori is a talented harpist and was the recipient of a prefectural award, and went on to compete nationally. Having studied English in New Zealand, she is fluent in the language, and works tirelessly to improve those skills. Midori is pleased to participate as a volunteer in the 2010 ACTJ Annual Fall Conference with a “learning attitude”.


Conference Volunteer

suzuki_mitsuko.JPGMitsuko Suzuki (鈴木光子)

It is my great pleasure to be volunteering for this conference. My name is Mitsuko Suzuki. Currently, I am studying in the Master’s Program in International Language Education: TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Soka University of Japan.

Although I was born in Tokyo, Japan, I lived in Spain, Peru, and Costa Rica until 8th grade. For 9 years, I studied English and Spanish in international schools. Fortunately, after coming back to Japan, I was able to obtain many honorable roles by using English. For instance, I was given a chance to interview South Korean Prime Minister Dr. Han Seung-soo. Through these experiences, I realized how English can be an important tool to express oneself and join all kinds of activities in the international community. This is why I got interested in learning and teaching English as second and foreign language.

Recently, I am interested in the relation between English learning motivation and self-identity. As the founder of Soka University、Dr. Daisaku Ikeda says, education is a great source to develop and realize one’s immeasurable potential. My dream is to practice such a humanistic education in English.

この度のカナダ教育学会のボランティアとして参加させていただけることを大変嬉しく思っております。現在、創価大学大学院 人文学科 国際言語教育専攻 英語教育専修の修士課程で学んでいます、鈴木光子です。



Conference Volunteer

201007160916000.jpgNatsumi Kamata


My name is Natsumi Kamata. I’m a first-year student majoring in literature in Soka University in Japan. I have an interest in language, especially Russian, and I study Russian and English in university. I belong to Russian institute which is a club of university, and I study Russian literature there. In the future, I want to be interpreter or Russian literature researcher. This time, I’ll get excellent experience through the volunteer, and I’m sure it will help my study.

Lastly, I appreciate Anthony who teaches me English in university inviting me this volunteer.

Conference Volunteer

Natsumi.jpgNatsumi Shiiba (椎葉奈津美)


My name is Natsumi Shiiba and I am from Japan. I am a first year student in the Department of English Communications in the School of Humanities at Tokyo Kasei University. I am interested in studying abroad and would like to study in Canada at the University of Manitoba University.

Thank you for this opportunity, and I am glad to be good help for this conference.



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