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日本カナダ教育学会 ACTJ
The Association of Canadian Teachers in Japan / L'Association des Enseignants Canadiens au Japon


Conference Facilitators

richard.JPGRichard Bales
(Volunteer Coordinator) moved from Winnipeg to Saitama in 2002 as a participant on the JET program working for the Iwatsuki City B.O.E. He has taught in elementary and junior high schools in Japan, as well as colleges and universities both in Japan and Canada. He is active in organizing and participating in teacher training workshops and seminars. He is currently completing hi M.A. in TEFL/TESL and participating in research projects focused on SLA and learner autonomy.

anthony.jpgAnthony Fenton
(Conference Chair; ACTJ VP) moved to Japan in September 1991, but is regularly in Canada. Anthony lent support during the initial start-up of ACTJ. He has taught in junior and senior high schools, colleges, and is currently a part-time faculty member at several Japanese private universities. Anthony is in the final stage of his PhD dissertation with a focus on quality assurance and internationalization in higher education. He serves as research assistant to Dr. Siri Gamage at the University of New England and is co-researcher on a learner styles project at Soka University. He is active in presenting his research at conferences in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. He also serves as review mentor and academic editor for several journals. His volunteer initiatives range from developmental education projects in Vietnam to aid work projects in Myanmar.

va.JPGValerie Hansford
(Conference Publicity) Valerie is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She first came to Japan in 1991 to teach at a conversation school and has been teaching English to speakers of other languages ever since. Her approach to teaching draws on her own language learning experiences including nine years as a French immersion student as well as her TESOL studies at the SIT Graduate Institute (then called the School for International Training). Presently she is teaching a variety of English courses at Soka University. Her current interests include curriculum design, intercultural communication, and learning about other cultures.

decha.JPGDecha Hongthong
(Site Chair) Decha has been living and working in Japan since 2002. His Masters degree is in TESOL from Temple University and he has taught elementary, junior and senior high school, university students as well as business professionals. Decha is currently working on improving his cooking skills and Japanese. He is also hoping to start a family in the near future. His interests include SLA, motivation and the link between brain processes and language learning.

adam.JPGAdam Murray BBA, MA (TESOL)
(ACTJ Treasurer) is originally from Port Hope, Ontario. He graduated from Brock University in 1997. Later that year, he came to Japan on a working holiday program with plans to stay a year or two. Nearly ten years later, he is still happily living and working in Japan. He is now teaching at Tokai University (Shimizu campus). In the past, he was actively involved with an English conversation pilot project in public elementary and junior high schools. He also conducts workshops for JTE and elementary school homeroom teachers. He is interested in learning technologies, learner motivation and classroom dynamics.

rukus.jpgYasuhiro Tomita BBA
(Conference Webmaster) is a talented artist, jewelry and fashion designer/coordinator, events promoter and coordinator, and research assistant. Yasuhiro is a recent Canadian Immigrant and has worked as a volunteer and fundraiser for various projects in Myanmar, The Republic of Rwanda, and Japan. His works can be viewed at Rukus New Age Designs.

me.jpgDarryl Sumida
(Conference Technician) is an Assistant English Teacher in Tokorozawa City. He teaches English to students of all grades in elementary and junior high school and is currently working on developing a conversational English curriculum for Tokorozawa City.


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